SWR International has significant interests in the production of gold, copper, iron ore, aluminum, and diamonds.  Metals and Minerals commodities are marketed and handled primarily by our offices in Guinea.  Commodities produced through SWR International are managed through our corporate structure with no red tape.  Opportunity is here and now with SWR.

SWR has already positioned itself in a unique way to strengthen our global mining activity by effectively managing the mining investments and obtain more natural resource areas. SWR has a workable business strategy that supports a development model that includes four working principles that reflect on ownership and development, management and operations, environment and design, and income generation activities.

Metals and Minerals

SWR’s Metals and Minerals business group consisted of three commodity departments:

  • Gold 
  • Diamonds 
  • Iron Ore 
  • Copper 
  • Bauxite 

Metals and Minerals produced by our investments in smelting, refining, mining and processing assets, as well as those purchased from third parties, are marketed through these three departments.

Energy Products

SWR’s Energy Products business is composed of two departments:

  • Oil 
  • Drilling 

Crude oil and oil products such as fuel oil, heating oil, gasoline, naphtha, jet fuel, and liquefied petroleum gas are physically marketed.

Energy Products commodities are marketed and coordinated primarily by our offices in Guinea.

Enhanced Infrastructure

SWR is actively creating a better environment and better living standard for people and the families in the region.  Our goal is to persue better roads , better housing , clinics and betters school in Africa.  SWR and is infrastructure expansion is set to be a catalyst for enhanced infrastructure to affect the world for the next generation

SWR is the gateway to African business through Western Africa.  From Guinea to Cameroon, SWR’s footprint will soon be felt across the continent.  Companies that want to expand efficiently will do it best through SWR.

SWR is a for-profit diamond and gold mining company headquartered in Guinea. SWR has played an important role in alleviating poverty among the diamondiferous communities where SWR is working and contributing to the development of the Guinea economy and infrastructure. Building on this initial strategy, we build the organizational and financial capacities of SWR, also enabling the corporation to undertake more complex projects in other areas.

Gold and Diamonds are at the center of economic growth in Guinea. Being that most Gold and Diamond sites are family owned and passed down through generations, the SWR model of diamond buying, mining and industry development is and will always be based on the development of a cooperative of land owners — an industrial development strategy that will lend itself well to the scale of infinite amount of gold/diamond deposits in Guinea.  This is based on a strategic decision to capitalize on the industry and to establish a viable economic development model encompassing ownership and development.