Our metals & minerals activities are supported by ownership interests in controlled and non-controlled industrial assets such as mining, smelting, refining and warehousing operations. This business includes commodities departments for gold, diamonds, copper, oil, and iron ore.

SWR prides itself on the sustainable expansion of mining and energy refinement in Africa.  From mining to outside infrastructure investment SWR International is building Africa and developing Africa and the rest of the world.

Offices and global partners are in multiple zones.  Our global footprint is expanding daily.

The economic sector and infrastructural development in SWR has become a priority for any government more so because the country now have a working democracy where the people are aware of their right to vote and their votes be counted to elect public officials.

There is a strong international presence in Guinea with majors like the European Union (EU), the African Development Bank (ADB), the British Department of Foreign and International Development (DFID), and the United States Administration for International Development (USAID) and the United Nations feeding the economy with millions of dollars in donor funds to support the country’s construction.

SWR has already positioned itself in a unique way to strengthen our mining activity by effectively managing the mining investments and obtain more natural resource areas in Guinea. SWR has a workable business strategy that supports a development model that includes four working principles that reflect on ownership and development, management and operations, environment and design, and income generation activities.

The SWR Corporation and mining is already set up and registered and operational. SWR is engaged in mechanized mining operations in Guinea and is also engage in the buying of rough diamonds and Gold from artisanal miners in much of the villages in Guinea.


Legal Structure of SWR

SWR is an entity registered in both The United States and Guinea and is a for-profit corporation registered to engage in mining, buying and exporting gold and diamonds out of Guinea. SWR got its first diamond export license in April 2009. SWR is a for-profit entity that coordinates a number of economic development programs for the alleviation of poverty in the poverty stricken diamond communities of Guinea, such as the learn to read program in four villages in Guinea.  If you have more questions, do not hesitate to contact us.