How We Got Started

Both Diamonds and Gold have a global appeal. Their economic importance in the world market cannot be under-estimated. They symbolize wealth, power, love and honor. Their original reputation was founded more on its toughness their ability to dazzle. The appreciation of these commodities came only much later when the art of cutting and polishing was fully mastered. A diamond resists acids, can penetrate steel, and has the best thermal continuity of any material. The luster of gold and the ability to never rust is the appeal of any metal. Modern industry would virtually be grounded without these gems and metals. Diamonds are unequalled for etching, grinding, grooving, polishing, and sharpening. They form the teeth of drilling bits for oil wells and blades of knives that surgeons used to cut cataracts from eyes. There is therefore a lot of wealth in diamonds and gold. SWR has access to licensed properties to mine at several global sites.

Evens Saint Clair
Chief Executive Officer

Leslei Westrich